Navy Waxed Cotton on Gold Dog Collar


Our new Waxed Cotton Collar Collection is great for the sportsman and his dog. Waxed cotton, best known as being used in Barbour™ products is a heavy duty cotton that has natural wax woven into the cloth. A cotton widely used in the sailing industry originally, these collars are made to be durable yet stylish for your dog. The addition of wax makes these collars water-resistant and dirt-resistant which is very favorable for all those active pups out there!

Waxed Cotton Care Instructions

Spot clean is recommended for Waxed Cotton Collars. Use a sponge and COLD water to remove any dirt. Brush lightly over the waxed cotton with the damp sponge until the dirt is removed, and then hang the garment in a dry, well-ventilated place to thoroughly dry before hanging. It is recommended to never use soap or machine wash this material.

*Please note: Due to the wax used in these products, they can develop a worn look over time however the durability is long lasting in these collars.

Crew LaLa collars are all custom items handmade with thought, love and attention to detail put into every piece. Our collars are adjustable, made from quality fabrics, and backed with strong yet soft webbing to give you the unique style you love with the durability your pup needs. Safety being the main focus for any puppy parent, each piece has been triple stitched at all stress points to keep the durable, high quality hardware in place.


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