About Us


Crew LaLa™ is a marriage of my two passions in life: dogs and fashion. The inspiration for my collection is my own Chocolate Labrador, Crew, and the many wonderful foster dogs that have touched my heart over the years. When I started fostering about 8 years ago, I could have never imagined how profoundly the experience would forever change my life.

When I pick up a new foster dog I like to give them a warm bath, lots of love and a fresh new collar made just for them. They need to feel special and have something new of their own that reflects their unique personality. As the creator and designer of Crew LaLa™, I want your loved pup to feel the same about their new accessory. Our custom handmade products are the perfect blend of style and durability.

With all of the love and affection our dogs spoil us with, they deserve a little Crew LaLa™ to help them look and feel their best!


Heather Parker



Lauren Nelson
Marketing & Digital Media Manager  


Kara Klunk
Brand Manager
Kendal Leondard
Production Manager
Kelly Jeffers
Production Assistant